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Biology Questions for SSC Exam : Part-1

biology questions for ssc

Biology Questions for SSC are very important for the preparation of all our competitive exams. So today we have brought you Top Important objective Biology GK Questions for ssc and other competitive exams. we have asked all these questions in top government books and the previous year’s papers. so all these General Science Biology Questions can prove to be very useful for preparing all our competitive examinations like SSC, UPSC, BANK, IBPS, Railway, NET, UPTET, PTET, Other Teacher Exams, Defence Exams, Police Exams, etc. General Science is important for all government exams because about 15 to 20 Questions are asked in all government exams.

If we read these important GS Biology Questions for SSC carefully and if they do, then it will help us a lot in preparing our government exam. Therefore, we will bring you all the questions of Daily News Current Affairs and GK & GS Questions, History Questions for all classes and all these questions have been taken into consideration in the Top Most books and important questions asked in previous exams so that you will be very good at preparing your exam.

You can also download our series of Biology Quiz PDF, which you will be able to read this General science quiz very easily. You will get the link of this pdf download at the very end of this quiz, from where you will be able to download it.

Biology Questions for SSC

1. Silviculture is the branch of botany in which we study about-
(a) Culture of algae
(b) Development of forest
(c) Culture of fungi
(d) Siliciphida plant

Ans: (b)

2. Study of the pollen grain is called-
(a) Pomology
(b) Palynology
(c) Phonology
(d) Mycology

Ans: (b)

3. Study of the internal structure of plant-
(a) Morphology
(b) Anatomy
(c) Cology
(d) Taxonomy

Ans: (b)

4. Estimation of the age of woody plant by counting annual ring is-
(a) Dendrology
(b) Dendrochronology
(c) Agronomy
(d) Demography

Ans: (b)

5. Study of the growing plant without soil in water containing nutrient is-
(a) Hydroponics
(b) Hydroponics
(c) Hypotonics
(d) None

Ans: (b)

6. In Exo-biology we study about-
(a) The external structure of living beings
(b) Life present on the earth
(c) Life present in the other layer of earth atmosphere
(d) Life found in space and on other satellites.

Ans: (d)

7. Xenobiotics which are inherently resistant to microbial attack are called as-
(a) Biodegradable
(b) All of the given options
(c) Recalcitrant
(d) Persistent

Ans: (c)

8. Curd is sour due to presence of
(a) Citric Acid
(b) Lactic Acid
(c) Acetic Acid
(d) None of these

Ans: (b)

9. EBOL is a –
(a) Virus
(b) Bacteria
(c) Protozoa
(d) Fungi

Ans: (a)

10. A virus that infects bacteria are called
(a) Bacteriophages
(b) Basophils
(c) Basal body
(d) Basidiospores

Ans: (a)

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